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The path to where I currently stand started a bit sooner than most -- this journey began as a high school athlete myself. Going into my senior year, in an attempt to help both my teammates and myself develop our skills more efficiently, I began to research and teach myself different ways to accomplish our goal of development. Taking this information and skills I had learned with me, I went on to play college basketball and took the same approach to my work while preparing for the season alongside my new teammates. After my first season of college basketball, it became clear playing was no longer part of the game I had a passion for. Helping players develop and grow through my unique methods became my primary focus and captivated my day to day life. Helping young men and women grow as athletes on the court, but off the court as well, has become a more fulfilling challenge than playing had ever been for me. From thereon, I dedicated myself to perfecting my philosophies and methods. It was important that I identify what makes me different from those in my field. Over the next 6 years I spent countless hours watching film, reading, and fine tuning each aspect of my training to provide the most efficient methods possible. This eventually led me down a unique path -- I began studying the science of learning, psychology, and communication. Concepts which most trainers neglected in their training. Years of studying the game have allowed me to combine those mental skills with on court learning to build my unique science-based approach to basketball development. This approach has shown continued success in athletes ranging from beginners to NBA level talent. I am proud to confidently say that any player who places their trust in me and my methods will see growth in their game. My unique approach has also allowed me to co-found another venture, “Mastery Hoops”, with my like minded business partner Coleman Ayers. We use our scientific approach to the game and educate coaches worldwide on the benefits of research based training, and how to apply it on the court. I am excited to be able to share our methods with coaches and trainers all over the world, helping athletes worldwide get the best results possible.



Alex is the man behind all of the content you see on all of Tyler's social media, the facility as well as other projects. Alex has extensive knowledge on all things filming, creating, and posting content. Not only that, but he has extensive basketball knowledge that makes him a huge asset to the business overall.


Henry VO

Player Development Coach

Henry is our lead trainer at our Woburn location. Henry has extensive experience at all levels, having worked as a high school assistant coach, on staff at Mississippi St as well as interning under some of the best trainers in the county. Henry has experience with players from all levels and in all environments, we are proud to have Henry as one of our lead trainers at TJL Training.


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