Off-Season Transformation

What's Inside


10-Week Course

This course was designed to be what I wish I had as a player. An intense, detailed program that can take your game to the next level in the fastest possible time. Years of research and trial and error went into the programming to ensure you get results in every aspect of your game and it translates to the game.


Build IQ

The best hoopers at the highest level aren't always the most athletic, or just the most skilled, but also some of the most intelligent. Building your IQ can be a tough process on your own, which is exactly why we built our "film room" to make that process as simple as possible for you. With film breakdowns on just about every topic, you'll be able to watch film like you would netflix.


Off The Court

What you do off the court will have a drastic effect on your performance and improvement. From how you sleep, eat, drink and even think. All of this transfers over to the court and we have you covered on all of it. With bonus videos on every possible topic, you'll be able to not only maximize what you do on the court, but off the court as well.


This program is scientifically laid out in a manner that not only enhances technical skills, but builds your decision making, IQ and confidence all at the same time. By combining all of these things at once we are able to ensure a high rate of transfer to the game.

The program is designed with 3 solo days and 2 parter days per week. 3 days a week to build these skills and 2 days per week to train the decision making and confidence to do them in games. This is the ideal recipe for fast growth to take your game to the next level.

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